A guide for how to leave the 20th Century's grey growth behind, and create Tomorrow's Economy

A balance sheet for each country and the Earth: How we can achieve healthy growth—more regenerative than wasteful, instilling equity rather than exacerbating inequalities.
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Restor(y)ing growth
Successful growth in the twenty-first century depends on shifting from maximizing economic growth alone to resource and social productivity growth.
Tomorrow's Economy:
A Guide to Creating Healthy Green Growth
How we can achieve healthy growth—more regenerative than destructive, restoring equity rather than exacerbating inequalities.
In Tomorrow's Economy, Per Espen Stoknes reframes the hot-button issue of economic growth. Going beyond the usual dialectic of pro-growth versus anti-growth, Stoknes calls for healthy growth. Healthy economic growth is more regenerative than destructive, repairs problems rather than greenwashing them, and restores equity rather than exacerbating global inequalities. Stoknes--a psychologist, economist, climate strategy researcher, and green-tech entrepreneur--argues that we have the tools to achieve healthy growth, but our success depends on transformations in government practices and individual behavior as well as business. Stoknes provides a compass to guide anyone toward the mindset, mechanisms, and possibilities of healthy growth.
Maria Katarina T. Michelsen
Per Espen Stoknes
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